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We are hiring: Business Support Officer

A vacancy has arisen for a Business Support Officer. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced individual to join an organisation well known for supporting communities.

The post holder will oversee the financial functions of the charity and must be highly motivated, be able to use initiative and possess excellent communication skills.

Application form and more information: 

More information about Neighbourhood Watch Scotland’s background, Vision Statement and Objectives are below.


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland is a registered Community focused charity. Our aim is to help people in Scotland work together to keep their communities safe.

We exist to support members of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and provide advice and guidance to our communities with a view to increasing engagement and building resilience of people living, working and traveling across Scotland. Raising the profile of a huge variety of community safety issues we act to empower communities with the provision of real time, trusted and relevant information to our targeted audiences thus increasing community resilience whilst maintaining and building our partnership networks across Scotland.

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland is governed by a board of non-executive Trustees and is driven by a small, enthusiastic and experienced team. Primarily core funded by Scottish Government, we seek to actively develop new funding streams from a variety of new sources to feed our ongoing appetite for growth.

Our Vision and Objectives are summarised here

Our Vision – Supporting communities to be engaged, informed and safe

Provided they receive ‘the right information, at the right time’ connected and co-ordinated communities, such as those adopting the values and benefits of Neighbourhood Watch, can be very resilient and know how to keep themselves and others safe and secure, so that there are fewer victims of crime and unintentional harm. By having greater access to locally relevant, timely and accurate information they have a realistic perception of safety in their communities.

The neighbourhood watch concept is about caring for your community and looking out for other people, basically being a good and supportive neighbour. People who embody the values of neighbourhood watch are welcoming to all members of the community and reflect the inclusion that so typifies the Scottish culture. They treat others with respect, fairly, equally and without prejudice.

People who engage with Neighbourhood Watch Scotland are encouraged to play an active role in the safety of their community, and realise that their participation makes a difference. Well informed and well connected they can identify local safety concerns and feel confident in taking action to tackle these collectively.

The work of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and its embedded values and benefits create stronger communities that are prepared to work together and take responsibility to respond to issues and emergencies.

Our Objectives

Outcome 1 – Encourage community spirit, better connections and capacity to improve safety and resilience, by engaging with all communities in Scotland

Outcome 2 – Ensure that NWS members feel valued, are more confident about staying safe and have a reduced fear of crime

Outcome 3 – Enable Scottish Communities to be better informed, safer and more resilient by having a robust Neighbourhood Watch Network