Safer Neighbourhoods Stronger Communities

NWS Values and Ethical Framework

Our Vision:

Our vision is a society that is empowered through proactive local cooperation and community spirit to create safe, strong and resilient neighbourhoods, to the benefit of all.

Our mission:

To achieve this our primary focus will be to support and enable individuals to become connected and actively engaged, with the intention to lessen crime and improve quality of life.

Our Values:

Our organisational values are integral to everything we do. We value:

  • Ambition
    We aspire to develop new and innovative ways to empower communities to work together to protect against crime and improve community wellbeing, and to share best practice with others.
  • Credibility
    We are a trusted source for crime prevention guidance and local community safety information, provided by key partners that is credible, reliable and relevant.
  • Collaboration
    Teamworking is vital to success. We will work with partners and volunteers to enable communities to create and maintain safe, secure and supportive neighbourhoods.
  • Inclusiveness
    We welcome everyone and recognise the value of our culturally diverse society. Future growth stemming from enhanced engagement with under-represented groups will see us deliver wider public benefit.
  • Neighbourliness
    We are community focused and advocate for good, kind, caring neighbours who bring people together to create community cohesion, protect the vulnerable and foster community spirit.
  • Resilience
    Through nurturing public confidence and wellbeing, we support local communities to find local solutions that make neighbourhoods safer and stronger by minimising risks.

Our Code of Ethics / Behaviour Charter

To meet our aims all NWS staff, Trustees, and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the following standards of behaviour, and in keeping with the relevant NWS policies and procedures.

1. Professionalism (doing the right thing)

All individuals must conduct themselves in a professional manner which does not discredit Neighbourhood Watch Scotland or its partners, nor undermine public confidence in any NWS related activities.

2. Selflessness

All individuals must act in the public interest and in the interest of their local communities.

3. Honesty

All individuals must be honest, trustworthy, and act with integrity. This means that you must:

  • Operate in a financially responsible and transparent manner, ensuring that records are kept of any expenses, fees, costs, gifts, and gratuities relating to Neighbourhood Watch; and
  • Avoid any situation where a conflict of interest may arise or exist between you and/or other parties and/or Neighbourhood Watch.

4. Fairness, respect, and courtesy

All individuals must treat everybody (including other members, organisations and partners) with respect, courtesy, fairness and impartiality.

5. Leadership, objectivity, and openness

All individuals in a supervisory, coordinating or management capacity must be empathetic, encouraging and supportive to others. Any decision making should be based on facts, in an open and transparent manner, free from bias. ​

6. Accountability

All individuals should be active within their respective roles and or communities, operating with the best interests to build a supportive, resilient and trusted environment.

This means that you must:

  • Take responsibility for your decisions, actions, and omissions; and
  • Challenge, and where necessary report any unlawful, unfair or discriminatory behaviour or practice, or any breaches of the Code of Ethics by anyone associated with NWS

7. Confidentiality

All individuals must treat personal information with respect and in accordance with the law. This means that you must:

  • Respect the privacy of others; and
  • Ensure that any use of personal information is in full compliance with Data Protection legislation.

8. Accessibility and Inclusion

All individuals must not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly. This means that you must:

  • Treat people fairly and with respect regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership, pregnancy, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation; and
  • Respect the rights of all individuals and treat people in accordance with their needs. This means that you will accommodate any reasonable adjustments that may be necessary to facilitate Neighbourhood Watch activity and its accessibility to all.