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Vehicle Security

Some advice on securing your vehicle

  • Fit a car alarm.
  • Use locking wheel nuts to prevent the theft of your wheels.
  • NEVER leave your car unattended to defrost windows with the keys in the ignition.
  • Always remove keys from the ignition and lock your car if you need to walk to the petrol station shop to pay for your fuel. Again, some car thieves actively look out for insecure cars that can easily be taken from the forecourt and any insurance claim could be affected.

  If parking in public or using airport parking, look for a car park with the Park Mark These designated car parks have complied with specific measures to deter crime and promote safety.

  • Keep your car off the street if possible. If you’re at home and you have a garage then use it. Make sure you lock both the car and the garage.
  • If you don’t have a garage, make use of the driveway if you have one.
  • Don’t park in isolated or remote areas. Whenever possible, park in a busy, well-lit and CCTV covered area
  • Try and park close to the exit – this will increase the amount of traffic which will pass your car, making it harder for thieves to operate undetected.
  • Lock all items out of sight. Don’t leave anything on display and take valuables with you.
  • Leave the glove box empty and open.
  • If you have a portable Sat Nav, hide the cradle and take the system with you. Don’t forget to wipe the suction marks off the window.
  • If you have personal correspondence in the vehicle, then take it with you. Don’t give others access to important personal information or your home address.
  • Use an electronic or mechanical immobiliser such as a steering lock – steering locks are an effective, highly visible deterrent and should be Thatcham compliant.
  • Relay Theft or cloning wireless key signals from contactless keys is a growing problem allowing offenders to take a signal from a key close by and enabling them to open a vehicle, start engine and steal it without having any direct access to the key. Consider purchasing a Faraday Wallet to keep key in. These are readily available and block signals from key fob. Research product and look for Secure By Design accreditation.

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