Safer Neighbourhoods Stronger Communities

The Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC)

SPARC is a multi-agency partnership involving key organisations collectively working together to tackle rural crime; in particular the increasing threat posed by SOCGs throughout Scotland.

Providing strategic focus, SPARC co-ordinates a committed and sustained approach including crime prevention advice to those living, working and enjoying Scotland’s rural communities and environments, drives and supports intelligence gathering plus enforcement activity, all underpinned through empowering communities to ensure these areas are safe places to live, work and visit.

VISION: Regardless of geographical location, rural communities feel safe.

AIM: Protecting rural communities with a focus on prevention, intelligence, enforcement and reassurance.


  • Develop resilient rural communities through effective partnerships utilising holistic, innovative and specialist techniques.
  • Ensure we listen, are visible and understand local and national concerns relating to rural crime.
  • Harness the contribution, expertise and knowledge of individuals, communities and relevant partner organisations in public, private and third sector to reduce vulnerabilities.
  • Promote and improve rural community cohesion where people feel safer regardless of location.

In order to achieve these objectives we will strive to change perception, educate and raise the profile of rural crime plus enhance public engagement to convey confidence that any crime-related issues affecting them are taken seriously, acted upon and understood.

SPARC membership currently includes: