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Expired: Urgent Message for all Co-ordinators

We are in the process of updating our records with regards to Watch details and Co-ordinator contact details.

We have sent out previous messages in this regard. If you have not already been in touch with us regarding these messages, please contact us (by telephone to 07407 896 103, email to or send an Alert message) within the next 21 days.

After this time, the Watches we have not heard from will be deleted from our database, under the assumption that they are no longer in existence.

Please note that even if a Watch is deleted, it can be reinstated at a later date if required and this is something we would be more than happy to assist with.

We apologise for having to take this stance but it is essential in order to ensure that we are not unnecessarily holding onto data that is no longer required.  This is to ensure compliance with our legal obligations under the data protection laws.