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Auchendoon Neighbourhood Watch

A few years ago our housing estate was targeted by high value break-ins every few months.

It was always the same method of entry, and thieves always seemed to know when the occupiers were out or away, and always entered by the rear of the property by forcing doors or windows.

Local Police were always involved, but their enquiries didn’t come up with anything. Due to peoples frustration, it was decided to start our own Neighbourhood Watch and a meeting was organised in a local hotel.  Thirty residents turned up and the local community Police officers were also invited, just to advise us on do’s and don’ts.  Basically it was just looking out for one another, and logging down any suspicious sightings, plus noting down any strange vehicles doing the rounds.

On the night it was also decided that everyone donate £5.00 just to get the Watch going, and with the help of Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, we were able to purchase signs, informative booklets and door stickers.

As I had just retired from Police Scotland after over eighteen years service as a CCTV operator, it was decided that I should be the co-ordinator.  We voted in a secretary and treasurer, and we were up and running.

A few weeks later a high value break in occurred again with over £20,000.00 worth jewellery stolen, so as Coordinator I emailed the members to see if anybody had seen anything, and one member saw a strange car in the area parked up near the location, so decided to note the number which was passed to the Police.

After enquiries the suspect was traced and arrested, all the break-ins have now stopped, with none being reported since in the last three years. So if anybody out there is thinking about it, contact Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and they will point you in the right direction. We started with thirty members, and now have over eighty.