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Volunteers Week 1st – 7th June 2023

Volunteers Week 1st – 7th June 2023



As Volunteers’ Week comes to a close today, I want to give my personal thanks to everyone that has contributed in any way. We have had number of requests from new and existing co-ordinators to help grow the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland network and we are extremely grateful for all of your efforts. That said the team at the main office are all willing and happy to help you if you are still wondering what you could do to help develop Neighbourhood Watch in your area. To find out more  please contact us by contacting the office at .


I would like to pass on my appreciation to everyone that we met on our recent travels around Scotland. It was great to meet so many people face to face, to provide advice and guidance with the support of officers from Police Scotland and to have the opportunity to  engage so meaningfully on a personal level. Hopefully you were able to follow us via our website, Facebook or Twitter. If you weren’t able to meet us this time don’t worry as we will be exploring a range of opportunities to get out and about again in the future and to reach as many parts of Scotland as we can.

Finally, I want to personally express my gratitude to you for everything that you have done, and continue to do, in volunteering for Neighbourhood Watch. It is through the combined efforts of us all that we help to make Safer Neighbourhoods and Stronger Communities.


My very best regards,

Lesley Clark


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland