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Perth & Kinross Local Area Commander’s Bulletin

Perth & Kinross Local Area Commander’s Bulletin

Cycle Safety

The combination of lighter nights and warmer weather has resulted in a marked increase in cyclists on the roads of Perth and Kinross and we all must be aware of what we can do; as pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to ensure our highways remain safe for all road users.

Every week in Scotland, at least three people cycling suffer life-changing injuries and in most cases, it’s the person driving, not the person cycling, at fault.

Close passes are an everyday experience for people cycling, according to the Near Miss Project every year people who regularly cycle will “experience an event so frightening that it alone makes them consider giving up cycling.”  

Making our roads safer for cycling requires a combined approach of engineering, education and enforcement.

Some key points to remember when passing people on bikes:

Always give at least a car’s width of space (1.5 metres) – this will usually mean crossing into the other lane.If you’re travelling above 30 mph, give more than 1.5 metres space.Wait at a safe distance until you have space and visibility to pass safely.Don’t overtake at blind corners or if there’s oncoming traffic.In towns and in slow-moving traffic, consider if there is any benefit to passing, especially if there are lights ahead.Don’t feel pressure from the person in the car behind to pass before it’s safe.

Driving too close when passing a cyclist is an example of careless driving which attracts a minimum fine of £100 and three penalty points.

Highway Code Rule 64 states ‘you must not cycle on a pavement.’ Generally anyone cycling on a footway or footpath in Scotland is committing an offence under Section 129(5) of The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984. It is however not an offence to cycle across a footway or footpath to access a cycle track, driveway or other land where cycling is allowed.

And whilst it is perfectly legal for cyclists to ride beside each other or in the middle of the road we all need to respect each other and I would hope that all road users would follow the letter of the law and the spirit in which it is intended to ensure that everyone can use our roads safely and without hindrance.


Ebike Seized

Following concerns raised by residents of Luncarty regarding youths driving at speed and in an anti-social manner on public roads, tracks and fields, officers from the Perth Community Team conducted high-visibility patrols in the area. As a result of a recent patrol, one youth has been cautioned and charged with various Road Traffic Offences and an ebike seized.

Further patrols are planned in this and other areas.



On Saturday 15th April 2023, a 39 year old male was arrested in relation to a disturbance that took place in Methven.

On Saturday 15th April 2023, Bridge Street, Comrie, a 77 year old female was charged in relation to dangerous driving involving a cyclist.

On Monday 17th April 2023, a 57 year old male was arrested on Sydney Crescent, Auchterarder in relation to drink driving.

On Saturday 15th April 2023, a 41 year old male was charged in relation to a disturbance that took place at Pitlochry Boat station.

On Saturday 15th April 2023, a 19 year old male was arrested in relation to the theft of a quad bike from a farm in Abernethy.

During the last week 2 drivers have been found to be without insurance.



About 11:20am, Thursday 13th April 2023, a member of the public was verbally abused within the area of Charles Street, Perth.  Suspect is male, 50-55 years of age, stocky build, bald with white facial hair.   He was wearing a grey coloured hat with a leather jacket.  (CR/45508/23)

Between 5pm on Friday 14th April 2023 and 8:10am on Saturday 15th April 2023, a commercial property was broken into on High Street, Perth and a quantity of beauty items stolen (CR/46295/23)

About 1:50am, Thursday 13th April 2023, an attempt was made to break into a residential property within McDonald Road, Longforgan. A red Volvo was seen making off in the direction of the A90 towards Perth.(CR/45228/23)

Between 7pm on Saturday 15th April and 1:30am on Sunday 16th April 2023, a large sum of money was stolen from a property on Glenalmond Road, Rattray (CR/47143/23)

Between 2pm on Wednesday 12th April 2023 and 7:20pm Thursday 13th April 2023 a commercial property on Airlie Street, Alyth was broken into and a sum of money stolen.

About 9:30pm on Friday 14th April 2023, a residential property within Willowbank, Birnam was broken into.  Three male suspects, slim build, dark clothing with hoods up and their faces conceal with snoods.  (CR/46426/23)

Between 4:30pm on Wednesday 12th April 2023 and 8am on Thursday 13th April 2023, shop window was smashed within King Street, Crieff. (CR/46702/23)


Anyone with any information that may be useful should contact Tayside Division on 101 or any police officer, quoting the crime reference number listed at each incident.  Alternatively information can be passed anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.



Tom Leonard, Chief Inspector                              

Local Area Commander, Perth and Kinross



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