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Perth and Kinross Local Commander’s Bulletin

Perth and Kinross Local Commander’s Bulletin



The weekly Local Commander’s Bulletin  for Perth and Kinross is provided below.


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Wednesday 2nd August 2023


Keep your Garden and Outbuildings Secure

If you’re a regular reader of the weekly Commander’s bulletin you will notice that thefts from sheds, outbuildings and within the garden feature in the list of recent crimes committed across Perth and Kinross.  A number of these thefts could be prevented by adopting simple steps to secure gardens, sheds and garages –

What can I do to stop thieves entering and stealing from my garden?

Keep hedges, walls and fences low at the front of the property – to a maximum of 1.2 metres high and in a good state of repair to allow natural surveillance and make it hard for an intruder to work unseen.  Prevent easy access to the back and sides by installing locked gates.  Rear fences and walls should be a minimum 1.8 to 2 metres in height. Trellis topping or an intruder deterrent strip should also be considered to make climbing difficult.Security lighting around your property will act as a deterrent. Dusk to dawn low voltage LED lighting is cost effective to both install and run.Make sure bins are located in an area which doesn’t allow them to be easily used as a step to climb over fences / walls or access windows.Lock away any garden implements, furniture or tools in a secure shed, garage or outside store.  They may not only be an attractive target for theft, but also items such as ladders which are useful for breaking into your home.

What can I do to protect property in my shed and garage?

Photograph valuable items of garden furniture and / or garden tools.  Note and keep a record of make, model, colour and serial numbers and use a UV pen or similar to security mark them with your house number and postcode.You may wish to use a chain or other device to lock garden tools and furniture together to the structure which will make them harder to remove.Fit a good quality hasp and padlock to the door, fitted with dome headed or non-returnable screws to prevent tampering. Appropriate products that are approved as ‘Sold Secure’ or ‘Secured by Design’ should be considered. For more information visit www.securedbydesign.comSecure windows and don’t give intruders the opportunity to see inside.  Depending on the type of window, you could consider fitting internal window grills, heavy wire mesh or reinforced glass.  You could also use curtains or opaque film.  If the window opens, a window lock should be fitted.If you have an intruder alarm, consider extending it to cover sheds, garages and outbuildings and ensure that there is a visible external sounder box.If you do not have a secure shed then bring items inside – don’t leave them lying out.

If your garage adjoins your home and there is a through door, keep it locked.



A 27 year old male was arrested for causing a disturbance within St John’s Shopping Centre, King Edward Street, Perth on Sunday 30th July 2023

Two males aged 28 and 30 years of age were arrested in relation to an assault and vandalism in Emma Street, Blairgowrie on Friday 28th July 2023

A 28 year old female was arrested in relation to drink driving in Auchterarder on Friday 27th July 2023.

A 58 year old male was arrested in relation to drink driving in Auchterarder on Friday 28th July 2023.

During the last week 3 drivers have been found to be without insurance.



About 10:30pm on Thursday 27th July 2023 the window of Moncrieffe Primary School, Perth was smashed (CR/140339/23)


On Wednesday 26th July 2023 about 7pm, a silver Toyota Yaris motor vehicle was stolen from Emma Street, Perth. Suspects 1 and 2 are described as males between 16-19 years of age, 5ft 6 and suspect 3 described as male, 16-19 years of age, approximately 6ft.  All suspects were wearing dark clothing. (CR/139658/23)

Between 6pm on Sunday 30th July 2023 and 8:30am on Monday 31st July 2023, a Audi motor vehicle at Acharn, Perth was broken into with air pods and money being stolen from within.  (CR/142959/23)

Between 5pm and 8pm on Friday 28th July 2023 a window was smashed of a residential property on Clunie Way, Stanley. (CR/141268/23)

Between 3:30am and 6am on Saturday 29th July 2023 the Diamond Jubilee Park Pavilion, Losset Road, Alyth was set on fire causing extensive damage. Suspects are described as x4 male youths all wearing dark clothing and one male has ginger bushy hair. (CR/141435/23)

About 3am on Sunday 30th July 2023 damage was caused to the front door of a residential property on South William Street, Perth. Suspect is described as male in his 20’s, short brown/blonde hair and wearing a blue t-shirt. (CR/141852/23).


Anyone with any information that may be useful should contact Tayside Division on 101 or any police officer, quoting the crime reference number listed at each incident.  Alternatively information can be passed anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Tom Leonard

Chief Inspector                             

Local Area Commander

Perth and Kinross




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