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Notification of Holder Dismantling Galashiels Redundant Gas Holder

Notification of Holder Dismantling Galashiels Redundant Gas Holder

The following Alert is being circulated on behalf of SGN


As you may already be aware, for several months we have been planning to dismantle Galashiels redundant gas holder located in Galafoot Lane Galashiels TD1 2DA. 

We have now been given the approval from the local authority to commence with these works. The following is a brief introduction to the project and outlines some key information you may find useful.        

The reason for dismantling gas holders:

Major investment in gas distribution has resulted in changes to the way we now store gas. Gas previously stored in holder tanks is now more efficiently stored underground in the gas pipeline network.    

The majority of gas holders in the UK are no longer operational. These ageing structures continue to require significant maintenance to keep them in a safe and visually acceptable condition therefore it is not a safe or sustainable option to maintain these redundant structures long term.  

From an environmental perspective, we are keen to see the land the holders occupy regenerated for beneficial use. 

What work is involved?

We will be taking the holder structure down and leaving the ground where it currently sits level, there are no plans to excavate the land beneath.  

Before we can dismantle the gas holder and structure, we need to remove the build-up of water and debris inside the tank. This process is called de-watering – there is no noise or disruption on site during this process and it has now been completed. 

Following the de-watering, we will commence with deconstruction work to take the gas holder and associated structures down. As we will be using heavy machinery, there will be noise and vibration caused by these works, but these will be kept to a minimum. 

Our specialist contractors Robinson and Birdsell Ltd will be carrying out the deconstruction/dismantling process on our behalf. The priority will be to complete this work safely with the minimum impact to the local community and SGN will be monitoring and visiting the works on a regular basis.                               

Programme timeline:               

Mobilisation on site                     26 June 2023                                                                                                     

Mechanical Deconstruction         3 July 2023

Complete:                                      3 November 2023

Hours of work:                              Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm (contractors may be on site from 7am setting up), Saturday mornings as required. 

There is no planned requirement for weekend work – noise levels will be closely monitored, and restricted hours of work will apply.  

Capturing local history:

We appreciate that to many these industrial structures represent a visual reminder of your local town’s history.  As part of the wider dismantling programme, we are committed to working closely with communities and historic societies to ensure the history of your holder is captured for future generations to learn from. If you have any stories you would like to share with us, please email       

If you have any questions regarding this project or the wider dismantling programme, please contact our customer service team on 0800 912 1700 or via