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Forres – Gas Replacement Works

Forres – Gas Replacement Works





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Starting on 3 April 2023 until 14 January 2024 our engineers will be working to replace just over 3.7km of old metallic gas main with new polyethylene PE pipe. Most of the work will be carried out by a mains insertion technique whereby we insert the new main inside the old one reducing the need to dig lengthy trenches in the road. To minimise disruption, we’re working closely with Moray Council to plan any necessary traffic management and will be implementing a phased approach some of which will overlap (outlined below).  


Phase 1a – 3 April for 2 weeks – Between 11 and 13 Strathcona Road. This will be under ‘Give and Take’ 

Phase 1b – 3 April for 9 weeks – Mannachie Road/Allan Drive between 39 Fluers Drive and 47 Mannachie Road.

This will be under Give and Take although we may need to install temporary traffic lights.


Phase 2 – 17 April for 14 weeks – Grantown Road between Fluers Place and Forres Medical Centre. This phase will be carried out under temporary traffic lights and lane closures. 


Phase 3 – 8 May for 12 weeks – Bogton Road/Caroline Street between North Street and the District Governor on Bogton Road. This phase will require a road closure with a local signed diversion in place. There will also be local access. 


Phase 4 – 5 June for six weeks – Croft Road between nos. 13 and 31 under ‘Give and Take’.


Phase 5a – 31 July for six weeks – Sanquhar Road between 47 Sanquhar Road and Woodside Drive. This will be under ‘Give and Take’ 

Phase 5b – 31 July for nine weeks – St Catherine’s Road between Bridge Street and Orchard Road. During this phase there will be temporary traffic lights in place.


Phase 6 – 14 August for 20 weeks – St Leonard’s Road between South Street and Leancoil Hospital. During this phase there will be a road closure from South Street roundabout to 21 St Leonards Road. There will then be two-way temporary traffic lights between 21 St Leonards Road and Leancoil Hospital.


Phase 7 – 11 September for six weeks – Pilmuir Road West between nos 1 and 13. This will be under ‘Give and Take’


Phase 8 – 23 October for 12 weeks – Victoria Road between 7 Seaforth Place and the Ronans Victoria Road. There will be a one-way system and a local diversion in place on North Street between Victoria Road and Seaforth Place. There will also possibly be the need for temporary traffic lights on Victoria Road.


We wish to assure you that our work will progress as quickly as possible and we’ll be doing everything we can to limit delays and disruption and to ensure the project remains on schedule, working extended hours or at weekends as required. Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and we’ll ensure that temporary traffic lights will be manually controlled if necessary during peak periods.


In addition we will have a dedicated project page on our website and information on social media.


We’re writing to residents and other local stakeholders to make them aware of our project and explain the details of our work. Please feel free to also share this information with anyone you think may be impacted by our project.