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Break-ins in and around your area

Break-ins in and around your area

The following message is being circulated on behalf of a local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator


On three separate days last week at around 5pm in broad daylight, Cala homes in Ratho have been entered by breaking the glass in the Bifold doors on the back of the house, burglars then entered and within minutes made off in a waiting engine running Black Audi.


The people involved were wearing black clothing with hoodies raised and after each fast burglary they were back out in minutes and made off in their waiting ‘get away’ Black Audi.



Always set your house alarm, even if just popping next door!


Access must be via unlocked garden gates to enable such fast entry and exit, so fit a simple bolt and padlock to your gate and lock it!


Ensure that no valuables are visible through the glass doors eg laptops, mobile phones or purses/wallets, take a minute to hide them away, or lower your bifold blinds or close curtains!


Please stay wary of any unusual cars in the estate, take a photo of them on your mobile or write down the number plate.


Please ensure neighbours on the estate are made aware of this notification as not all houses on the estate receive these Alerts.


For further information on how to protect your home and personal property please click the following link:

 Finally, if you see this happening don’t hesitate to dial 999 asap.